Have you received some political material in your letter box that make claims that you are not sure about?

You may have seen someone taking credit for work they have not done or congratulating themselves for advocacy that they did not do.

To help constituents see through the spin, I’ve put together this page to fact check some of the wild claims being made so you know who is being truthful and who is all spin and no delivery.

COVID Vaccines

You may have received some material in the mail, emails or even calls claiming the COVID vaccines aren’t effective, or that other drugs are more effective.

Visit Coronavirus.vic.gov.au to find out all the facts about the vaccines, written by health care professionals and those with expertise in the field.

If you still have concerns, please speak to your GP directly.

School funding

You may have seen a number of claims about schools receiving funding for capital works and upgrades.

The truth is that the record levels of investment in our schools is delivered by the Andrews Labor Government. Over the past seven years, an average of $1.6 billion is being invested each year into school infrastructure (the last Liberal Government only spent $1.3 billion over their last 4 years in total).

The schools receiving funding are also awarded the funding based on merit, and the need for upgrades compared with the other schools, and not dictated by which electorate they are in.

Gas Drilling

Some political parties have alleged that the Government is drilling beneath the 12 Apostles.

Drilling within or beneath any Marine National Parks is prohibited, which includes the 12 Apostles. Regulations ensure that the environmental and cultural impacts of these parks are protected.

The Victorian Government is looking for opportunities to safely increase supply of gas for homes and businesses that still require it, while transitioning to zero carbon alternatives.