11 Mar 2022 News

Government response to Forced Adoption inquiry

Victorian women who had their children taken from them under heartbreaking historic forced adoption practices will receive redress, counselling and formal apologies from the Victorian Government.

The Premier and Attorney-General this week announced the government is investing more than $4 million in response to last year’s Parliamentary Inquiry into Historical Forced Adoption in Victoria.

The funding includes $2 million for the implementation and policy work to implement the inquiry’s priority recommendations, $1.6 million to scope and design a redress scheme, $150,000 for crisis counseling and $65,000 for integrated birth certificates, which include both the names of the adopted person’s natural parents and adoptive parents.

A $500,000 hardship fund will also immediately be designed and established to support discretionary payments to those with exceptional circumstances, such as terminally ill individuals.

Tabled in Parliament this week, the government’s response to the inquiry seeks to address the trauma experienced by women who gave birth between 1958 and 1984 and were subjected to cruel and damaging forced adoption practices, many of whom have suffered lifelong impacts.

The Government supports or supports in principle 33 of the Parliamentary Committee’s recommendations, including plans to introduce a redress scheme. The remaining recommendations are subject to further consideration by government.

We thank the Legal and Social Issues Committee for their work and acknowledge the difficulty in conducting an inquiry on such a sensitive and distressing subject.