15 Jul 2020 Media Release

Investing in Recycled Water for Croydon

The Victorian Government is investing in water projects to make our suburbs more liveable, our urban waterways healthier and help our local parks and gardens more efficient in their water use, turning to more recycled water and stormwater.

Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region Sonja Terpstra today announced $1.575 million to harvest stormwater in Croydon which will save Victoria thousands of litres of water every year while creating jobs for local businesses and ensuring the local community has access to a vibrant and welcoming space.

This project will design and construct a stormwater harvesting facility as part of the “Re-imagining Tarralla Creek” pilot project. The stormwater harvesting facility will provide 13 ML of stormwater each year for irrigation of adjacent open spaces and sporting ovals.

This shovel-ready project has 3 components: renewal and extension of existing stormwater wetland; daylighting and re-naturalisation of 2km of the creek; and stormwater harvesting and reuse of up to 13 ML of stormwater each year to provide alternative water to irrigate adjacent open spaces.

The project will be delivered in partnership with Maroondah City Council, Yarra Valley Water, Melbourne Water, Bunurong LCAC and Wurundjeri L&CCHCAC.

The Government has invested in $23.4 million towards 108 integrated water management projects since 2018, helping communities across Victoria in the face of changing climate by securing water supplies through recycling and stormwater use, and improving the health and quality of our urban waterways.

Integrated Water Management forums have been established across Victoria bringing together local governments, water agencies, Traditional Owners and local communities to deliver innovative water projects that help to combat the impacts of climate change and ease the burden on our drinking water supplies.

Quotes attributable to Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region Sonja Terpstra

“This project is a great opportunity to invest in better water infrastructure for our local community.  But there is so much more to this project. It will create a beautiful, tranquil destination, connect people to nature and create an enriched learning space that is safe, accessible and clean.”

“Improving our local facilities is vital for our growing community, ensuring we have the right facilities for our community to enjoy and help build Croydon’s resilience in a changing climate.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Water Lisa Neville

“Investing in the use of alternative water, including stormwater and recycled water is essential to the liveability of our communities and the health of the environment.”

“We are investing in a bright and healthy future for all Victorians with increased water security and a healthy environment.”