08 Oct 2020 News

Mental Health support program in Eastern Metro Schools: principals catch-up

Zoom meeting with Department of Education and Principals from Croydon Community School, Melba College, Yarra Hills Secondary College, Doncaster Secondary College, East Doncaster Secondary College, Templestowe College & Warrandyte High School

Had a great catch-up with Secondary School Principals in the Eastern Metro Region this morning to discuss the mental health support package being rolled out to schools in 2021.

Through the program, in-school mental health practitioners will be available to students starting throughout 2021. This includes psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and trained counsellors, depending on the needs of the individual schools.

Now more than ever we are aware of the need for a proactive approach to good mental health for young people, and this program will go a long way to providing the qualified and trained support needed to achieve this.

A big thanks to all the school principals who joined me this morning to raise their ideas about the program and how it will benefit students in the entire Eastern Metro region.