12 Oct 2021 News

Mummafly Open Day

This morning, I had the best start to my day! I thoroughly enjoyed virtual attendance at the Mummafly Open Day.

What is Mummafly I hear you ask? MummaFly allows young mums to complete their secondary schooling education whilst having their new babies in the program. Think back to when you were at school; the hustle to get ready in the morning, get your lunch sorted, get your books, get on the bus.

Imagine having to combine those two stages of your life? Being a student and being a new mum. Which is exactly what some of the students at Swinburne University of Technology do. These incredible young women are making every effort to secure their future by completing their high school education, whilst caring for their young babies – in class!

The Young Mums’ VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) program has been running at the Croydon campus for the past 12 years. Students aged 15-24 years attend 3 days per week to complete the course and also obtain a Certificate II in Business and/or Retail.

Guided by teachers Samantha Jones and Jane Waters, the students study numeracy, literacy, work-related and industry skills and personal development. However, a lot of these classes are taught in a way that is relevant and practical. For example, spending time at community kitchen learning maths techniques through cooking – and simultaneously gaining the experience to be able to prepare nutritious meals for themselves and their children.

Whilst support staff are in place to assist the Young Mums, and every effort is made to create a syllabus that is engaging, this is no easy ride. Most of them don’t have a car (or are in fact old enough to have a license), many live outside of their parental home and very few have the opportunity to be employed, simply due to the fact they are teenagers and inexperienced in any kind of work place.

If you know a young mum who could benefit from this important program, you can contact Samantha Jones at samanthajones@swin.edu.au.

MummaFly also welcomes volunteer assistance in the following areas:

  • Speakers who can share their success stories;
  • Donation of supplies
  • Skilled trades
  • volunteer or babysit (working with children check required)

Enrolments are now open for 2022!

Next year the program will transition to being a young parents program, where all will be welcome with open arms!

Great work everyone! Education transforms lives and your dedication to completing your secondary schooling is a real credit to you.