14 Apr 2021 News

Visiting Heide Museum

Had a great visit this morning with Danny Pearson MP for Essendon Minister for Creative Industries out at the

Heide Museum of Modern Art.

The site is of considerable social and cultural significance. Its history extends from being an important and enduring Wurundjeri gathering place to its pivotal role in the birth of modern Australian art as the home of art benefactors John and Sunday Reed.

Heide has three separate gallery buildings, including the Victorian Heritage-listed ‘Heide I’ and ‘Heide II’ houses. These sites track the history of Heide as an institution from domestic residence to museum of art.

I was very pleased to be able to see the great works on display, and hear about how the Victorian Government’s grants in the past 12 months helped the Museum survive and continue to showcase our local history and art.