22 Nov 2021 News

Visiting Jerring Nyerboing Trade Centre

A full day of touring our excellent TAFE facilities as TAFE Ambassador today with a visit to the newly constructed Trade Training Centre at Box Hill Institute Lilydale Lakeside Campus, named Jerring Nyerboing Trade Centre by local Wurundjeri traditional owners, it is truly a sight to behold.

The new (approximately 2,500sqm) trade centre is a modern industrial facility fitted with the latest technology providing students with skills and a clear pathway from training to employment in the construction industry.

The centre includes modern workshops, classrooms, material storage facilities, staff workplaces and general amenities.

The building includes nine classrooms, two meeting rooms, an outdoor workspace including a sandpit (approximately 1,015sqm), workshop area (approximately 418sqm), staff office area, amenities, and kitchens.

Construction of the building used 91.56 per cent Australian products.

The Lilydale Lakeside campus, will also offer, amongst other things a women in non-traditional trade areas’ (WINTA) to female students to provide support, skills development and role modelling for women training in trades or non-traditional areas
as well as an Indigenous apprenticeship program with Coranderrk Station will be established to meet youth development and employment needs in the Yarra Valley Indigenous community.

It was great to speak with Natalie, a former sparkie, who loves teaching electrical apprentices to undertake their trade in the new Trade Training Centre.

Roger and Peter took great pride in showing me these purpose built pods that allow students to practice their skills, fitting out stud walls, plumbing and electrical skills, just like if they were on a real building site.

A fantastic investment in vocational education and training for people in the outer eastern suburbs and beyond.