Yarra Valley Parklands Welcomes More Open Spaces

The Andrews Labor Government is delivering more open space to Templestowe for visitors and locals to explore and enjoy.

Minister for Environment Ingrid Stitt announced the Labor Government had expanded the Yarra Valley Parklands by acquiring a neighbouring property in Kearney Lane that is almost nine-hectares.

Based in Templestowe, the Parklands offers visitors wide open spaces and boasts interconnecting trails, wetlands and waterways throughout the Melbourne area.

Linked by the Yarra River, the open spaces feature a wide range of bushland, and open paddocks for visitors to enjoy.

The newly acquired space is approximately the same size as Birrarung Marr in Melbourne’s CBD and will further strengthen the areas biodiversity and protect the natural landscape for years to come.

The acquisition will also allow the Yarra Valley Parklands to support more recreational, social and cultural activities for the community.

The expansion progresses the Labor Government’s aim to improve the Greater Yarra Urban Parklands, under Burndap Birrarung burndap umarkoo, the Yarra Strategic Plan.

To learn more about the Yarra Valley Parklands and to plan your next trip, please visit parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/yarra-valley-parklands.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Environment Ingrid Stitt

“The Yarra Valley Parklands are some of our most significant open spaces within metropolitan Melbourne and we’re proud to be expanding the area for Victorians to enjoy.

“The parklands are vital in contributing to the health and well-being of Victorians and the character of the landscape in the Yarra Valley.

Quote attributable to Member for North-Eastern Metropolitan Region Sonja Terpstra

“It is pleasing that we’re able to add more open space equivalent to the size of Birrarung Marr to the Yarra Valley Parklands – so more people can enjoy the trails, parks, wetlands and waterways that make the Yarra so great.”

Quote attributable to Member for North-Eastern Metropolitan Region Shaun Leane

“The expansion of Yarra Valley Parklands will not only provide visitors with more things to see and do, but it will ensure the protection of our natural landscapes for years to come.

Yarra Valley Parklands Welcomes More Open Spaces
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